5 Tips For Your Bank Holiday Drive

Going on a long distance car trip this bank holiday weekend? If you do, then now is the time to get prepared. Staying refreshed and planning for adverse weather conditions will be crucial to stay safe on your journey. Here are our best tips to make your car journey a little safer:

1. Take regular breaks

One of the key things to consider if you’re going on a long distance drive is to ensure that you stop regularly to rest. Car driving can be exhausting after all. Experts advise to rest at least every two hours of driving every 15 minutes. This will help your body recuperate a bit, ready for the next stint of driving. During your break you could have a drink, have a bite and stretch.

2. Check your car before your trip

Before you set off on a longer journey it’s worth making sure that not only you are ready, but your car as well. Do a quick check-up to see if all the lights work, and find out if there is enough oil and coolant in your car. There’s a couple more points to check which you can find in our full guide.

3. Dress appropriately

This may seem obvious, but it’s best to give this plenty of thought. Driving with flip-flops may be tempting but can potentially put you in danger, should you need to brake hard. It’s easy for your foot to slip of the pedal. If you know there’s a chance of rain whilst on your journey make sure to have rain coat at the ready if you do need to step out of the car.

4. Prepare an emergency kit

Everyone would rather not think about it, but getting stranded in your car is a real possibility. Of course help is often nearby, a quick call to a local emergency recovery service is easily made. But sometimes you will be stranded for longer as you wait. It’s worth prepare an emergency kit containing food, a bottle of water, a blanket, a first aid kit and a repair kit. The repair kit could contain a tyre puncture kit as well as fuses and bulbs.

5. Be careful when driving on country roads

Driving on country roads can be wonderful, but also dangerous. Figures suggest that 60% of fatal road accidents in the UK happen on country roads. It’s worth therefore to adjust your driving to make your journey safer. Be aware of slow moving traffic, think of tractors, horses, cyclists and other wildlife. Think ahead, and don’t cut bends. See our full guide here.