You Would Need to Drive 2,000 Miles or from London to Edinburgh Almost 5 TIMES to Burn off the Average Christmas Dinner!

Christmas is now just around the corner and countless Brits are already anticipating driving home, followed by guilt-free snacking! Although, not many realise just how far you would have to drive to earn that festive food. In fact, we’ve calculated that driving for roughly 35 hours, or from London to Edinburgh almost 5 times, would burn the equivalent number of calories to a full Christmas dinner for a man. Indeed, at just shy of 2,500 calories for the whole meal, a woman would have to drive even further, at almost 43 hours behind the wheel! Read on to find out how many miles you would have to cover to earn each part of your Christmas dinner!

Andrew Jervis, Co-Founder of ClickMechanic, said: “Over time, a driver can burn a fair amount of calories behind the wheel. So if you have a long drive home this Christmas, you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re straight into the nibbles on arrival. That being said, Christmas dinner is no ordinary meal and a motorist would have to accumulate some serious mileage to earn it!”

Meats – Drive from London to Dundee

Calories from Meats:

Turkey – 266 kcal, Pigs in Blankets (4x) – 160 kcal, Stuffing (x2) – 122 kcal

Total: 548 kcal

Whilst turkey is thought to be a healthy option, the calories soon mount up as we attempt to get our fair share. The combination of traditional pigs in blankets and stuffing also add a substantial number of calories, totalling up to more than the turkey itself from the above example!

Burning off an average of 70 calories per hour behind the wheel, it would take a man almost 8 hours, or driving from London to Dundee, to afford the Christmas dinner meats. Whereas women burn about 57 calories on the road every hour, meaning they would need over 9 and a half hours!

Vegetables – Drive from Manchester to Liverpool

Calories from Vegetables:

Carrots – 22 kcal, Parsnips – 26 kcal, Sprouts (x6) – 21 kcal

Total: 69 kcal

Unsurprisingly, the vegetables contribute very little to the total calorie count of the Christmas dinner. In fact, it only adds roughly 70 calories on top, and that’s if you can handle 6 sprouts! Of course, it’s a different story if you begin to smother the vegetables in butter, but as it is, steamed or boiled vegetables can be eaten in excess with little calories consequences.

For this reason, the average man would only need to drive for about an hour to burn this off; the equivalent of driving from Manchester to Liverpool. For women, 1 hour and 10 minutes of driving would be necessary. Some will easily accomplish this figure during the daily commute to work!

Sides – Drive from Cardiff to Leeds AND BACK

Calories from Sides:

Roast Potatoes (Cooked in Vegetable Oil) – 400 kcal, Yorkshire Puddings (x2) – 96 kcal, Gravy – 24 kcal, Cranberry Sauce – 46 kcal

Total: 566 kcal

The roast potatoes are arguably one of the most dangerous things on the plate during Christmas dinner. They are delicious, easy to eat and there always seems to be leftovers for seconds! However, they are also heavy in calories; even one small roast potato, cooked in vegetable oil, is 80 calories. So eating a large portion of them will easily shock in terms of calorie intake, especially if cooked in goose fat!

Toting up to slightly more than the meats, a man would need to drive a round trip from Cardiff to Leeds and back to deserve this part of the Christmas dinner. It would take just over 8 hours behind the wheel to burn off the calories, whereas a woman would need almost 10 hours in the driver’s seat – or driving from Norwich to Exeter and back.

Pudding/Sweets – Drive from Plymouth to Inverness

Calories from Pudding/Sweets:

Christmas Pudding – 285 kcal, Custard – 114 kcal, Selection of Cheese (Inc. Stilton, Cheddar and Camembert) – 181 kcal, Quality Street Chocolates (x3) – 132 kcal

Total: 712 kcal

And then there has to be room for dessert as well, which we all know won’t help the calorie situation! In fact, the traditional Christmas pudding with custard will roughly add another 400 calories on top of the meal. Not to mention the expected pecking at cheeses and chocolates will inevitably contribute!

To earn this dessert, the average man would actually need to drive from one end of the country to the other. It would take more than 10 hours on the road, or driving from Plymouth to Inverness, for a man to burn this energy off. For a woman, a shocking 12 and a half hours of driving would be needed to work through the 700 calories.

Drinks – Drive from Oxford to Middlesbrough AND BACK

Calories from Drinks:

White Wine (3x Glasses) – 393 kcal, Port – 156 kcal

Total: 549 kcal

Let’s not forget about what we Brits can drink during a Christmas dinner! Whilst the calories from alcohol will obviously vary depending on how much we decide to drink, just one 175ml glass of wine contains over 100 calories, so it soon adds up over the celebrations! Even toasting with a traditional glass or two of port will have consequences!

Based on drinking 3 glasses of wine, and 100ml of port, 549 calories will be drunk during the Christmas dinner. The average man will have to drive for almost 8 hours to equate to this number of calories; so any male motorists driving from Oxford to Middlesbrough and back this Christmas can excuse these drinks! Unfortunately, women have to drive further, needing 9 hours and 40 minutes on the road to burn through the calories.