Why Do I Need To Replace My Windscreen Wiper Blades?

Why do I need to replace my windscreen wiper blades?

Making sure that your windscreen wiper blades are in good condition is vital at any point of the year, but especially in winter. Sometimes that means you will need to replace your wiper blades. Remember, your wipers are the only parts that can help keep your windscreen clear of debris and water during bad weather conditions. They can help improve your vision of the road and help keep you safe.

Signs That The Windscreen Wiper Blades Are Worn

Over time the wiper blades will deteriorate as it copes with a variety of weather conditions and debris. From hot weather to freezing temperatures, all can have a different effect on the parts. There is a couple of things that will tell there is a problem with wipers.

1. Slow and erratic movement

If your wipers don’t move across your windscreen smoothly it’s likely that the rubber on the blades has worn away. It’s important to get this addressed as it may have a knock-on effect on, for example, the wiper motor. It will have to work much harder with the increased resistance and may wear out too.

2. Noise

If there is a squeaking noise coming from the wipers it is possible that they have worn. That said, wipers can also make a noise if there isn’t enough water on the windows for the wipers to process.

3. Streaking

Wiper blades can sometimes get damaged due to debris. The rubber might wear away in places in the process. Often this will lead to the wipers not being able to remove water on the windscreen in a single sweep. In that case the wipers will leave behind streaks on the window.

4. Visual damage

Another good way to find out if the blades need changing is to simply look at them. Often it’s easy to find out that way if there is something wrong with the blades. Damaged edges or brittle rubber will mean that the wipers won’t be able to clean the windscreen effectively.

If the wiper blades are not replaced from time to time, they can eventually damage the windscreen glass as well. Keeping in mind that a set of wiper blades is way cheaper than a new window it makes sense to replace them timely. If you’re not sure whether yours are worn then get a mechanic to look at them and replace them if needed.

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