What Used Car Should You Buy If You Love Camping?

What Used Car Should You Buy I You Love Camping?

Summertime is here (sort of), it’s time to finally sort out that summer holiday you’ve been putting off. Let’s face it, it may be a bit last minute now to book that summer holiday on the other side of the globe. You will need to stay a bit closer to home, why not take a camping holiday by car? It’s cheaper, and you can actually explore the area by car.

Perhaps, though, you don’t have quite the right car for the job, or perhaps no car at all. So, what used car should you buy if you love camping? There’s a couple of used cars we rate highly for camping, here’s our top picks:

Volvo 850 Estate

The Volvo 850 Estate is probably the perfect choice if you need lots of space and reliability. Moreover they will be cheap, with the most basic models available from around £400.

The 850 Estate would provide enough space for lots of camping equipment with a sizeable boot (some might say you wouldn’t even need a text with this one). You could always put a mattress in the back and just sleep in the car, as shown by James May of Top Gear here.

Choose the high performance T5-R or R version if you would like to arrive at your destination in no time. If you must, you could even hook up a caravan and stay dry during your holiday.

Renault Avantime

Here’s the oddball camping car of choice. It was a sales disaster when new as it just didn’t appeal enough. If you want something a bit different and need lots of space then the Avantime is the car to go for. It is a strange combination between a Coupe and an MPV, and looks stylish in a way that only French cars do.

For holidaying it is perfect. There’s an enormous boot for lots of luggage, and a tent should fit without problems. The party piece is the ‘grand air’ mode, which opens all the windows and the sunroof in one go. Bearing in mind that the Avantime has no pillars between the side windows it is perfect for drives through the countryside. It will let in a nice summer breeze all round.


The MG F is our camping sports car of choice. It won’t really work for families. But if you like to go camping on your own or if with your partner this could be the car to go for. Whilst luggage space is limited, adding a luggage rack on the back of the car is easy. It would give you some space to actually take a tent with you, and an extra pair of socks.

Of course there’s faster and better sports cars, but the MG F does tick a lot of boxes. It’s nimble, it’s a convertible and has a well-proven mid-mounted engine.

Peugeot Boxer Motorhome

The last option is not a car, but rather a van converted into mobile home. If you prefer not lugging a caravan behind your car, a motorhome like this is the perfect choice. With the cheapest models starting at around £10,000, it’s not a cheap way into camping. But looking at is an investment for the long run it could make sense.

Remember, it will reduce your mobility a bit when camping. Let’s face it, it’s unlikely you will want to pack up all your things every time you want to make a trip.

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