Unfortunate Cars: Tata Loadbeta


Browsing through our extensive database of cars going back many years we sometimes bump into cars that make us wonder; why was this car built? Where there actually any people who went out and buy that car? There have been some woefully designed cars over the years, which mostly also have a woeful name. The ‘Tata Loadbeta’ is such a car, built from 1994-2003.  With the front designed to resemble a Mercedes-Benz and the back the looking like an ..ehm.. empty box, it looks particularly ungainly. We probably don’t really need to mention name, of which the ridiculousness is evident.

Exterior features might not be the point of a simple workhorse like this pick-up. That said, it might have been taken a little more seriously when new had it had some better features to win over the customer. Fact is, performance-wise it doesn’t really stack up either, it’s slow, it had to rely on an old Peugeot Diesel engine. Not as impressive as the strong engine one would find in the more modern Toyota Hilux or even a Land Rover.

If you must you can buy one for a whopping £995.00. Rust included.

Photo: Ebay.

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