The Top 5 Amphibious Cars

To celebrate World Turtle Day, we have listed the top five amphibious cars ever to have cruised the roads and the waves. Whilst speed is not a turtle’s forte, this will be considered for those that make the list, along with technology, convenience and, of course, style. Read on to find out which are the best to take for a spin and a swim!

Co-Founder of ClickMechanic, Andrew Jervis, said: “Amphibious cars have been designed and built long before James Bond drove his Lotus Esprit into the ocean in The Spy Who Loved Me. These cars are considered a luxury and, as such, are still a rare sight. However, with ongoing developments, perhaps they will become more affordable and necessary in the future! Who wouldn’t want to drive into the ocean as Bond did?”


Top Speed on Land: 70 mph
Top Speed on Water: 7.5 mph

A classic car to start the list; the Amphicar is German designed with a 1.1 litre four-cylinder petrol engine and twin propellers under the rear bumper. Just under 4000 were sold in its original production run, with one famously being owned by US President Lyndon Johnson. It was reported that the President used to fake faulty brakes and drive his guests straight into his lake!

Whilst its speeds are not shameful, the Amphicar did suffer from rust and consequently leaks – not the best faults as a boat!

Hydra Spyder

Top Speed on Land: 125 mph
Top Speed on Water: 53 mph

Sports car meets speed boat with this impressive design created by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International. Powered by a Corvette 6 litre V-8 engine, the Hydra Spyder’s frame consists of aluminium and fibreglass, giving the body a lightweight finish (3,300 lbs) and allowing it to achieve impressive speeds on both land and water.

It seats up to four people and can easily pull a skier across the water, not to mention it’s pretty easy on the eye. At just over ten years old, this design is by no means obsolete!

Rinspeed Splash

Top Speed on Land: 125 mph
Top Speed on Water: 50 mph

With an integrated hydrofoil system, the ‘splash’ is able to ‘glide’ 60cm above the water at speeds of up to 50mph. This innovative design is powered by a turbocharged natural-gas engine, making it environmentally friendly as well as speedy.

The interior appears more boat-like however with waterproof plastics covering the frame along with plastic seating. The controls also resemble more of an aeroplane cockpit than a car, with chrome-plated shift knobs controlling the hydrofoils. If the look is a little too intense for you, you can retract the hydrofoils and operate it as a ‘conventional’ amphibious vehicle.

Rinspeed sQuba

Top Speed on Land: 75 mph
Top Speed on Water: 4 mph
Top Speed Underwater: 2 mph

This is the closest it gets to James Bond’s Lotus Elise; the Rinspeed sQuba is able to operate whilst entirely submerged in water. True, it’s not quite as romantic wearing oxygen masks and you can only move at just under 2 mph when submerged, however it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Featuring an all-electric powertrain, this car can dive to a depth of 10 metres using its propellers and twin blow jets. The salt-water resistant interior is also designed with luxury in mind as it features genuine mother of pearl trim and diamond-plated non-slip inlays. It has easily earned a place on the list thanks to its style and innovation.

WaterCar Panther

Top Speed on Land: 80mph
Top Speed on Water: 45mph

As the fastest amphibious vehicle on sale, the WaterCar Panther had to make an appearance. With its 3.7 litre Honda engine and fibreglass frame, the WaterCar Panther has some impressive speed stats.

It is built to take like a duck to water with 32 cubic feet of closed cell Styrofoam encased in its body to prevent sinking as well as a water-resistant interior, with stainless steel and marine vinyl seating. On top of this, the seating also has off road suspension, so passengers can feel comfortable even on choppy waters! However, prices do start from $126,000, or just under £100,000, making it a pricey addition to your garage.