Wheels of the Week: 2005 Volkswagen Golf R32

This time for something.. that is not very old. A 2005 Volkwagen Golf R32, well perhaps it might look quite contemporary, but rather unbelievably it will be 10 years old next year. That isn’t to say it isn’t any good, because it obviously is. If you like fast VWs that is; it comes with a […]

Wheels Of The Week: 1963 Mini Van

We realised earlier we never actually featured a Mini on these pages, and honestly it’s quite a mystery how we never managed to do so. Plenty of Minis about of course, well, to make up we found a rather special one; a Mini Van. Not necessarily special in the sense of rare in numbers built, […]

Wheels Of The Week: 1978 Citroën GS Estate C-Matic

We keep on the project car trail for this week with this Citroën GS Estate. It looks a rather, err, custardy affair coming with a (now mostly matte) beige exterior, sagging hydropneumatic suspension and Citroën’s often slow (yet innovative) semi-automatic transmission. It comes at a cool price, though, the owner is asking £950. Why did […]

Wheels Of The Week: 1986 Bentley Turbo R

Luxobarge is the main buzzword for this week’s Wheels Of The Week, read on and you’ll quickly understand why. Up for grabs on ebay currently is a 1986 Bentley Turbo R, the top of the range Bentley from the 1980s, the model that turned the usually stately Bentley saloon into an absolute stormer. Or as […]

Wheels Of The Week: 1986 Lotus Excel

This time a car from Norfolk, a rather glamorous car to be precise. Now hold on, of course you might not relate Norfolk with the construction of high-end glamorous cars, but remember there’s is a small car manufacturer in headquartered in Hethel; Lotus. It’s a different kind of glamorous of course, not Bentley glamorous, not […]

Wheels Of The Week: 1972 Morris Marina 1.8 TC

Time to go back into time a bit, to the 1970s. Yes we all know it, that decade of great music and even greater trousers. Let’s stop for a moment in 1972, the year in which this week’s wheels of the week was built. In the year that Roxy Music revolutionised pop with ‘Virginia Plain’, […]

Wheels Of The Week: 1991 Lancia Delta Integrale 16v

After having featured a host of German cars in the last few weeks, let’s turn our attention to something rather more soulful. With other words let’s turn to something Italian. This week let’s have a look at this Lancia Delta Integrale 16v up for auction on Ebay. For a rather enormous starting price of £3750 […]

Wheels Of The Week: 1994 Suzuki Cappuccino

Fancy a cheap and cheerful convertible for the summer (provided there will be a summer)? Then consider this £3,995 Suzuki Cappuccino from 1994. £3,995 might sound like much for a car this age but let’s explore a little more why it should actually be worth the money. First off, it’s Japanese, so it’s cheerful (aren’t […]

Wheels of the Week: 1980 Saab 99 Turbo

As a petrolhead one tends to browse the web and sometimes, somehow, one tends to end up on pages that list cars for sale. Ebay is one such website of course, this time a red Saab 99 Turbo fell victim to the car prying eyes of yours truly. From 1980, the 99 features the desirable […]