Wheels Of The Week: 1974 Saab 95

This week something Scandinavian for our wheels of the week. That can only really mean either featuring a Saab or a Volvo. This time the decision has been made to go for a Saab, a Saab 95 to be precise. The 95 was introduced in 1959 as a station wagon alternative to the 96 hatch-back […]

Wheels of the Week: 1980 Saab 99 Turbo

As a petrolhead one tends to browse the web and sometimes, somehow, one tends to end up on pages that list cars for sale. Ebay is one such website of course, this time a red Saab 99 Turbo fell victim to the car prying eyes of yours truly. From 1980, the 99 features the desirable […]

Some trees, a field and 500 old cars

Once in a while one comes across stories about cars that are hard to believe. The story about a chap with 500 old cars in his backyard is exactly such a story. The story was true though, as reported a few months ago by Autoweek, an anonymous collector has been accumulating cars on his plot […]