Drifting On A Budget – Nissan 240SX

With drifting continuing to gain popularity in the UK, it might be a good time to give the scene some attention and see what it would entail to start drifting yourself. Normally, as with everything involving cars, there’s quite a few pounds involved if you want to do it well. There is another option though; […]

This Is Possibly The Coolest Pit Lane Entry Ever

Some people are better drivers than others, some are much much better drivers than others. We ought to count the driver of the Nissan 350Z in the following video to the last category. Effortlessly steering his Japanese drift machine from the track into the pit lane facing the other way. All smoothly executed and drifting […]

Electric car owner arrested for taking $0.05 worth of electricity

Enthusiastic coppers in Georgia, USA (where else) have arrested a father for taking electricity from a plug outside his son’s school. Parking at the school the electric car owner and dad, Kaveh Kamooneh, thought it might be a good idea to plug his Nissan Leaf into the school’s outdoor outlet for some charging whilst he […]

Nissan IDx Freeflow and IDx NISMO concepts introduced in Tokyo

The Tokyo Motor Show last week saw a host of new cars entering the limelight and good ones at that; remember that gorgeous F-Type Coupe Jaguar introduced? Nissan had a surprise in store too with the introduction of two versions of its IDx concept car; the stylish IDx Freeflow and the sporty IDx NISMO. The […]