Wheels Of The Week: 1975 Wolseley Saloon 18-22

Brown is a difficult colour, whilst it might seem a good option for a pair of trousers, it’s frowned upon for most other applications, let’s face it dark oak cupboards and brown caravans are just not ‘it’ anymore. As one of the archetypal 1970s colours, beside orange and chartreuse ‘bathtub’ green, though, it kind of […]

Wheels of the Week: 1972 Volvo 144 Hot Rod

Coming across this Volvo 144 on Ebay made us wonder if there was something wrong with the seller’s camera.  Mainly because the car is decidedly, err, flat? Reading the description it turns out this 1972 Volvo was subjected to some radical modifications in the past. Most obviously of course the fact that the roof was […]