Roger Moore’s Top 5 James Bond Cars

Sir Roger Moore died yesterday at the grand old age of 89. As possibly the most loved and certainly suavest James Bond, Roger Moore brought a twinkle of humour to the role. Arguably, he couldn’t have achieved that without a bunch of terrific gadgets supplied by Q. Not in the least because of the Bond cars!

Sir Roger ‘s Bond cars we’re on the whole a little more out of the ordinary than those of Sean Connery’s Bond. Whereas Connery purred around in a sleek Aston Martin, Roger Moore drove everything from a Mini Moke to a double-decker bus and an amphibious Lotus. Here’s our top 5:

1. 1976 Amphibious Lotus Esprit

2. 1947 AEC Regent III

3. 1972 Leylond Mini Moke

4. 1978 Renault 11

5. 1981 Lotus Esprit Turbo

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