Over Half of UK Drivers Cannot Change a Wheel

Over half of UK drivers cannot change a wheel
According to our latest research over half of UK drivers do not feel confident changing a wheel.

Whilst the basic mechanics behind the first cars are still fairly straightforward to understand, car engineering has long since developed and become more complicated. As a result, more motorists are becoming less confident at changing parts on their car and rely on mechanics and garages instead.

In fact, only 48% of UK drivers would feel comfortable changing a wheel, whilst 43% would be happy changing a fuse. 42% are confident when it comes to changing a head light bulb and 34% can change the oil. Only 16% of motorists are prepared to change a brake pad and a steep 35% could not change any of these.

There is a clear divide between genders when it comes to these car repairs. In fact, there are almost 4x more male (73%) than female (19%) drivers who feel confident changing a wheel. This division is also reflected in motorists who are uncomfortable changing any of the parts, as 60% of women admitted that this is the case compared to 13% of men.

Interestingly, the age of the driver also makes some difference to their capabilities. There are more of those aged over 55 who are comfortable changing a wheel (51%) and changing a fuse (48%) than the younger generation. However, those aged 18-34 are more confident in changing the oil (38%) and a brake pad (20%) when compared to their elders. Looking at the percentages of each age range which are unsure of changing any of the parts, those aged over 55 are the least mechanically-inclined with 40%, compared to 33% for ages 35-54 and 32% for those aged 18-34.

In terms of location, drivers in Brighton lack confidence the most when it comes to replacing any of these parts with 53% feeling uncomfortable, whereas Leeds ranks at the top of the table with 21%. Impressively, only 25% of drivers in the Greater London area are unprepared to change any of the parts, perhaps reflecting the high costs of the capital and the consequential need to make self-repairs.

Andrew Jervis, Co-Founder of ClickMechanic, said: “Over the years, the number of UK drivers who are comfortable conducting any of these repairs has severely dropped due to the developments in car engineering. This has also occurred as a result of the convenience and reliability which mechanics and garages can now offer, which gives motorists the option of finding a qualified professional to conduct the work instead. Despite this being the case, it’s nice to see that there are still a number of keen motorists who have the know-how to make the changes themselves.”

Remember, if you’re unsure of how to make any of these repairs, you can always hire a local mechanic using ClickMechanic!