Mechanic Of The Month October: Jaz from Stoke-on-Trent

It was a tough call to choose October’s mechanic of the month. The mechanics on the network have been keen to impress with many achieving a full 5 star review score. The mechanic Jaz from Stoke-on-Trent, however, stood out from the crowd with loads of jobs completed despite only joining ClickMechanic in July.

Jaz has managed to retain a perfect 5 star review score since the first review he received. Jaz has received reviews that could not have been more glowing. Like this one from customer Leon: “Jaz was a good genuine guy with a great knowledge of cars and described what the job entailed and how long it would take to complete. Very happy with the work carried out.”

And another one from customer Jordan: “Zafar was very knowledgable, and actually educated me on better use of my car and certain features to watch out for which is brilliant. Clearly he knows his stuff.”

We had a quick chat with Jaz, to find out what his secret to customer happiness is.

How are you finding the ClickMechanic experience?
The experience has been great. The ClickMechanic marketing model itself is very unique, as the numbers are proving with more and more customers using ClickMechanic. The fixed pricing aspect for customers is really reassuring.

From a mechanic’s perspective I would say that the booking system is very unique, it is very easy to use the mobile app on the phone. The whole process from accepting the job to the follow-on bookings is very easy. Further to that the Stripe payment system is also very convenient.

When did you become a mechanic?
I started with mechanics 18 years ago, I supercharged my first vehicle, a Ford Cougar, when I was 16 in Dubai. Soon after I started working with BMW in Dubai. I did have a dual career at that point as I was also into IT. I stopped car mechanics for a while to work for Cisco in IT, but after came back to running my own mechanics business. When I came to UK I first ran my own company again, and then took a position at Halfords, rising to become a senior manager. Early 2017 I branched out on my own and started my own mobile mechanic company.

You have awesome reviews, is there anything in particular you do to accommodate customers?

The secret behind my 5 out of 5 review score is to accommodate the customer’s wishes and guiding them through the process of the repair.

As soon as I get a job I contact the customer, and ask them for more information about the repair. I reassure the customer and inform them that I will be there for a certain time.

On the day, I always try to arrive a few minutes earlier than the booking window and make sure that I am on time in all cases. Punctuality is really important. When you’re there introduce yourself properly and explain who you are, that you are there for the ClickMechanic booking and tell them where you travelled from.

Before you start the job guide customer through all of what you will be doing before starting the job. Further to that always respect the customer’s knowledge, and explain everything very clearly.

When you’ve done the job report all the details about the work done on the system. Make sure to log all faults found on the car, and take photos.

And remember, a little bit of courtesy goes a long way, and will come back to you later down the line.

What made you join Clickmechanic?
The ClickMechanic idea is unique and everything was very clear in terms of what they expect of mechanics. I like an adventure and I thought, why not!

What do you like most about your job?
I love cars, I love repairing vehicles. What I like best of all is fixing something and getting the immediate response of seeing the problem resolved. It’s great to fix complex problems that other people hold their hands up for. My favourite thing is the challenge in that respect, I will always be ready for any challenge.

Further to that, what makes the job itself enjoyable is the variety, working on different cars and different problems is what I love.

Of the cars you have owned, do you have a favourite one?

My personal favourite cars have always been Mercedes-Benz or BMW cars, they’re my specialism. My little baby was a Mercedes-Benz S600 Biturbo. I did some enhancements on it myself, which meant it had around 700hp. I recently sold it as work is so busy I didn’t really find time for a fun car.

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