How Often Should I Change My Car’s Engine Oil?

When should I change my engine oil

Deciding when you should change your engine oil will depend on a number of factors, often it will range between 5,000 miles and 10,000 miles, however it may be more. Keep in mind that the interval for replacing the engine oil that is different for every every car, and will always depend on a couple of factors.

Normally the manufacturer of your car will tell you in the car’s service book how often you should replace the engine oil in your car. Often the advice given will depend on how you drive and how the car is used. Simply put, the old ‘3000 miles’ doesn’t hold up in today’s world of sophisticated engine oils and modern engines.

How Manufacturers Determine When You Should Change Your Engine Oil

Car manufacturers will often base the oil change guidelines on the way the car is driven, recommending when you need to replace the oil based on whether the car is subjected to ‘mild’ or ‘severe’ driving conditions. The factors you’ll need to consider include whether you mainly use your car for short or long distances, whether you do a lot of stop-and-go driving in the city or drive on rough country lanes, and whether you are in a cold or warm climate. Based on that the manufacturer of your car can give a reliable estimation on how often the engine oil needs to be replaced.

The Reasons Why You Should Change Your Engine Oil

Having taking this into account it is also important to remember the actual function engine oil holds in your car. Engine oil keeps your engine lubricated and makes sure all the components keep running smoothly. Over time engine oil deteriorates and will hold more and more metal particles that have worn off the engine components. The particles will contribute to further abrasion of those components in the engine that the oil actually should be lubricating to protect the engine. Keep in mind as well that changing the oil filter regularly can also help to limit wear, as a fresh oil filter will help to filter out all those nasty particles and debris.

It’s important to stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines on changing the engine oil. If, for whatever reason, the engine oil has deteriorated prematurely, or if you’re not sure if oil changes have been carried out as recommended then it would be advisable to get an oil change as soon as possible. That way you can stop engine wear and improve the way the engine runs.

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