How Not to Treat Your Car: Blowing Up the Clutch


To start of, this is not a weekly advice column, dear blog reader. We see #HowNotToTreatYourCar as a place to make some precautionary comments and display a selection of  ‘cars gone wrong’ videos from the web. Take note though, who knows, you might learn something (if you don’t like huge repair bills that is). Have a laugh too, if you feel like it.

We start of with a rather silly chap in and his Dodge Neon (apparently already missing a window?), see video below. First of all, this guy wants to do a burn out, despite his car being front wheel drive. Simple advice in that case; don’t. Simply because it’s never going to look as good as a burn out in a rear wheel drive car. Moreover, seeing that the Neon has ABS, you’ll never go a long way in your burn out, blowing up the clutch on the other hand is an easy thing to do. Still, that didn’t prevent this guy from trying, for some reason..

Result: A failed burnout, failed clutch, broken crankshaft and demolished engine block.

Verdict: Avoid entirely. It’s no fun demolishing your drivetrain like this.

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