DIY: How to change your car’s engine air filter

how-to-changeYour car’s engine air filter is a crucial defence against harmful junk that would otherwise enter your vehicle’s engine. This relatively inexpensive part protects the more valuable parts of your engine from bugs, debris and other nasties. Your engine also needs air in order to operate properly, and if you don’t replace your air filter often enough it will become blocked, and you might end up starving it of oxygen. When this happens your car wont have enough oxygen, and you might notice a dip in your car’s performance.

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There are varying schools of thought as to how often you should change your air filter. We recommend that you consult your owners manual for a rough guide, however you may need to change it more or less frequently depending on driving conditions. It’s also not a bad idea to proactively check your air filter more often than your owners manual suggests, as it could save you a lot of money down the line.

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5 Steps To Changing Your Air Filter

1. Buy a new air filter – the first thing you need to do is buy a replacement air filter. You can either find a local parts shop or buy it online from specialists such as Euro Car Parts or GSF.

2. Locate the air box – the air filter lives in the air box. The air box will be located under the car’s bonnet, and can be located easily with the help of your vehicle’s owner manual.

3. Open up the air box – the lid of the air box on newer vehicles is usually held in place with clasps, whereas slightly older models may be held in place with screws. Depending on your model, either unscrew or unclasp the lid (make sure you keep any fasteners in a safe place so you don’t loose them!)

4. Replace the old air filter – if it’s been less than a year you might want to make sure that your engine air filter does in fact need to be changed. A good rule of thumb is  if very little light passes through the air filter, you’ll want to replace it. Simply take old air filter out of the air box, and replace it with the new one making sure the fit is nice and tight.

5. Close the air box – once you’ve fitted the new air filter, secure the lid back onto the air box and close the bonnet. You’ll need to throw away or recycle your old air filter and voila – your vehicle has a shiny new air filter installed!

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