ClickMechanic Introduces Machine Learning into Its Quote Engine to Offer Newfound Depth and Precision in Car Repair Costs

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of machine learning in ClickMechanic’s quote engine. This addition advances the capabilities of the booking system, making it the first of its kind in the industry. It allows it to generate a previously untapped depth of quotes with distinct accuracy.

ClickMechanic’s quote engine provides instant, industry-standard fixed price quotes for car repairs. It combines car repair times with industry standard labour prices and industry parts prices to produce an accurate figure of cost for any repair. Previously, deficiencies in the data sets, such as miscellaneous missing pieces of information, limited the engine from performing at its best in some instances. However, with the introduction of machine learning algorithms, ClickMechanic can now ensure that these gaps are filled with highly accurate estimates based on the existing data. This allows the booking system to produce quotes for a much wider variety of jobs with even greater accuracy, meaning mechanics no longer need to resort to guesswork if the data is unavailable to them.

This solution offers a newfound level of precision and capability in car repair costs and enables customers to get the utmost out of their car repairs. It is shaping how drivers find and book the best mechanic for the best price. Being acknowledged as a development which has the potential to transform the industry itself, ClickMechanic was awarded the highly competitive Open Competition grant from the UK’s innovation agency recently to support the project. The introduction of machine learning has also been a major influence in the 5 awards we received over the last quarter in 2017 including: Young Company of the Year at the Amazon Growing Business Awards, Product of the Year at the V3 Technology Awards and the Product Innovation Award at the Workshop Power Awards.

Andrew Jervis, Co-Founder of ClickMechanic, said: “Here at ClickMechanic, we pride ourselves on offering car owners the most reliable and best-value prices possible for car repairs. We are naturally very excited to implement machine learning algorithms, as it brings our product forward by leaps and bounds; reinforcing its position as a market leader. This advanced accuracy and precise quoting will support us immensely in our objective of bringing trust, transparency and convenience to the car repair marketplace.”