Changes To Our Servicing And MOT Jobs

Servicing keeps cars running smooth. To ensure we are able to do this to the best possible standard we’ve recently made some changes to our servicing products. We have upgraded our servicing jobs, and have added other options.

Major service

The major service is the most comprehensive service we are offering. It includes not only the replacement of the engine oil & filter, spark plugs (petrol only), pollen filter (if fitted) and the air filter as standard but also an extensive investigation of the inside and outside of the car. Of course as expected of a major service a number of fluid top-ups are also included.

Full Service

The full service includes more replacement parts and checks than the basic interim service. It would include replacements for the engine oil & filter, spark plugs and the air filter. We’re offering an investigation about what is happening under the bonnet as well. Further to that a range of fluid top-ups is included.

Interim service

The interim service we now offer is the most basic service option. It allows for a minor inspection of the vehicle on the inside and out. The parts replacement aspect of the service would entail the replacement of the engine oil and filter.

Scheduled servicing

As most cars will of course have been maintained according to the manufacturer’s service schedule we are offering a service for a certain service interval as well. The customer can simply enter a mileage on the site, and we provide a breakdown of work needed. The car will be serviced according to the procedures set out by the manufacturer in their service guidelines. The required servicing work will be dependent on the mileage and the age of the vehicle.


On top of all this customers will now be able to add an MOT to any servicing job at a reduced rate. This of course adds extra value for the customer, and we reckon will make the customer’s experience of owning and maintaining a car even smoother.

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