Jaguar Land Rover invests into Brexit Britain

5000 jobs are being created to develop the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) workforce in the UK. This comes on the same day EU negotiation bells are sounded in parliament. Jaguar Land Rover have a long history in Britain, and despite being owned by Indian Tata Steel, the company is still based in Coventry and has […]

Amazon UK Bumps Heads with Autotrader

According to Bloomberg, Amazon UK will be premiering a large scale test of a car dealership product. Amazon Europe has been tinkering with a small test in Italy last year, when car buyers were able to buy Fiat 500, Panda and 500L models for delivery. The cars are advertised online then dropped off at a […]

Changes For Car Owners In 2017

As the wheel turns on another year, we are left looking at the changes to come in 2017. We will guide you through the changes taking place for new and current car owners in the UK. By staying ahead of the bills and trials coming in the next year, we can help you manage and […]

Autumn Statement 2015: What does it mean for motorists?

This year’s Autumn Statement once again focused on bringing down the national debt whilst ensuring economic growth continues. The previously announced £12 billion in cuts will go through, but one of the big surprises was of course Chancellor George Osborne’s U-turn on tax credits, the proposed cuts for which were reversed. Importantly, though, what does […]

Car fail: Spoiled Kid Has His Ferrari Set On Fire To Upgrade To Newer Model

Thought only those close to bankruptcy and desperate for a bit of cash set their car on fire to claim some insurance money? Think again. In Switzerland a 20-year old rich kid had his Ferrari 458 Italia set on fire in order to use the insurance payout to buy a newer model. The story sounds […]

The Female Premium: Women Charged Up To 30% More For Car Repair Than Men

In a shocking new study we found that women are being charged up to a third more than their male counterparts for car repair. ClickMechanic tested independent car garages around the country and found that, on average, women are quoted £45 more than men despite requesting identical jobs on identical cars. The investigation took place […]

CO2 Emissions On New Audi A1 Base Models Reduced To Under 100gm/km

The Audi A1 has been available as the economy car in the Audi range since 2010 fitted with a range of fuel efficient and low emission engines. Now, though, with the introduction of an updated A1 the car will receive, for the first time in an Audi, a three cylinder engine which signals a further […]

The New Mercedes AMG GT Is Here

Yesterday the long-awaited presentation of the Mercedes AMG GT took place, after months of teasers and camouflaged cars the company took the wraps of the sports coupe. This in anticipation of the Paris Motor Show in October, and the actual presentation of the car which is to be Mercedes answer to other high performance sports […]

Man Throws Apple At Lamborghini Aventador in Knightsbridge

A video emerged on Shmee150’s popular Youtube channel a couple of days ago showing a chap on the top floor throwing what seems to be an Apple at a Lamborghini Aventador parked just across the road. You would have to ask why this man decided it appropriate to attack the Italian supercar with a piece […]

The Ridiculous Youabian Puma Now Has A Promotional Video

First making an appearance during the 2013 LA Auto Show the Youabian Puma impressed many. But not for the right reasons, moreover, it has puzzled people ever since. Jalopnik introduced it with a big ‘WTF?’ slapped on top of its photo, others ridiculed it similarly. Indeed, it is still hard to see it in any […]