Car Manufacturers Are Secretly Favouring Right-Handed Drivers over Left

With the internationally celebrated Left-Handers Day coming up this Sunday, we felt it fitting to analyse the design of the UK’s car and whether it favours those who are right-handed over their left-handed counterparts. Firstly, driving on the left-hand side of the road actually dates back far before motoring was invented; in more violent times, […]

Is the UK Getting Greener? Vehicle Emissions are down 4% Compared to 2007, but Have Plateaued Since 2010

Over the last decade, the UK’s motoring industry has taken an obvious, greener, direction; cars have become more efficient, electric cars have grown in popularity and, more recently, the government are pushing for a more eco-friendly future with its proposed Diesel Scrappage Scheme. In fact, we have researched into the latest greenhouse gas emissions figures […]

Tips For Long Distance Drives

Summer is here! Bring on the sand, surf, and hours of driving on the motorway. Staying refreshed and sane while you drive is important for your comfort and, more crucially, safety. If you’re driving with kids in the back seat, and need some help keeping them calm then here are some tips and some games […]

Half of UK Drivers Will Only Take a Break After 3 Hours of Driving

Our latest research has found that half of UK drivers will only stop and take a break after at least 3 hours of driving. According to the Highway Code from the Department of Transport, you must take sufficient breaks whilst driving; it recommends a minimum rest of 15 minutes after every 2 hours of travelling […]

A Third of UK Drivers Will Wait for up to Two Weeks or More Before Dealing with a Check Engine Light

Our latest survey has found that a third of UK drivers will wait for up to two weeks or more before investigating a check engine light. When a car’s check engine light comes on, the issue should be diagnosed as soon as possible because it may affect the safety of the driver as well as […]

The Best Games for Kids On Car Journeys

Long car journeys with kids can be a nightmare. But the endless cries of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ aren’t inevitable. If you want to distract your children or just want to torture the driver then here are some great games to play whilst in the car. Some of these require a little preparation in […]

How to Handle Long Car Journeys With Kids

Many of us here at ClickMechanic have youngsters in the back seat. Long drives can be a nightmare as there are very few ways to keep a child contained in their seat for hours. Sure you can leave them with an iPad but kids will quickly become bored of that, especially if all you have […]

Over Half of UK Drivers Cannot Change a Wheel

According to our latest research over half of UK drivers do not feel confident changing a wheel. Whilst the basic mechanics behind the first cars are still fairly straightforward to understand, car engineering has long since developed and become more complicated. As a result, more motorists are becoming less confident at changing parts on their […]

What’s Stopping Electric Cars?

The government is aiming for “almost every car and van to be zero-emission by 2050” but with the first mass electric car, the Nissan Leaf, only rolling onto the streets in 2013, will they be able to accomplish their goal without heavy subsidies? There are 36.7 million cars in the UK, however only around 100,000 […]

UK Drivers Are 3x More Likely to Pull over for a Woman Than a Man, but Elderly Drivers Have the Best Chance

Our latest research has found that drivers in the UK are three times more likely to pull over to help a woman, who has broken down on the roadside, than a man. Indeed, 57% of drivers are more likely to pull over for a stranded woman, compared to only 17% being more likely to do […]