Car fail: Spoiled Kid Has His Ferrari Set On Fire To Upgrade To Newer Model

Ferrari458-Italia-On-FireThought only those close to bankruptcy and desperate for a bit of cash set their car on fire to claim some insurance money? Think again. In Switzerland a 20-year old rich kid had his Ferrari 458 Italia set on fire in order to use the insurance payout to buy a newer model. The story sounds all the more ridiculous when you find out the kid had 14 other cars at his disposal. In fact the millionaire son reportedly has a property portfolio worth around CHF 27 million (£20 million), and on top of that a monthly allowance of up to CHF 100,000.

He hired two chaps to set his Ferrari on fire, which they duly did after crossing the German border. Meanwhile this kid and a mate created an alibi for themselves by booking some time at a massage salon nearby. It could all have worked out very nicely, but unfortunately for the boy the whole act was caught on camera. Instead of a new Ferrari it means the kid now has a 22 month probation and will have to pay up a €30,000 fine. In the scheme of things, this might not seem a lot, question is, will daddy help out this time?

Photo: Police Augsbourg

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