Buying a Second Hand Mercedes

You have probably heard the famous lyrics: ‘Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz?’ and quietly thought to yourself about how great it would be for the good Lord to benevolently reward you with a car. Unfortunately the harsh reality of these somewhat optimistic lyrics is that this won’t happen; what you can realistically do though is purchase yourself a second hand motor.

There will be some people who would be immediately put off by the ‘second hand’ aspect of car ownership, but this need not be the case. Yes, there are some key points to think through before you jump in and buy your dream vehicle, cost and condition being two of the most important. So to ensure you are completely satisfied and end up with the car you want, consider the following points:

Reliable Retailer

First and foremost, you need a reliable seller. A Mercedes is a car with prestige, so it needs to be sourced from an equally respected dealer and online selling is proving to be more popular than scouring nearby dealership forecourts.

Websites will only list vehicles from authentic retailers and won’t allow private sellers to leave falsified information – Exchange & Mart being an example which offers this honest, straightforward method.

Mileage and Models

Different classes mean different costs, in much the same way the mileage of the car can greatly affect its value. Read up about the different types of Mercedes, what the plusses and minuses are for each and more significantly how higher mileage and fuel type affect their running.

Cost, Condition and Care

After you’ve sourced an appropriate seller and decided on the type of Mercedes you want, the three Cs of ‘cost’ ‘condition’ and ‘care’ will be at the forefront of a buyer’s mind.

  • Cost – research the average costs of second hand cars with the some model and mileage as yours to make sure you’re in the right ballpark while at the same time shopping for insurance.
  • Condition – don’t take the car on face value. The exterior may appear pristine but be sure to ask for a comprehensive breakdown of the current state of the engine, brakes, tyres and electrics.
  • Care – ask for the full service and MOT history and get the seller to explain any suspicious looking work done to ensure the longevity of your car.

The Finer Details

These are your final checks for little things that can affect the sale. When buying in-store or online, ensure you refer back to the research you have gathered and ask questions if there is anything at all you are still not sure about.

This will allow you wiggle room for potential bartering and ensure you get the Mercedes you want for the right money.

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