The Complete Guide To The Check Engine Warning Light

A check engine light might leave you with a sinking feeling, and a burning hole in your wallet. It could mean there is an expensive problem like a catalytic converter issue, or there might just be a loose part. Regardless of the worry, you should get it looked at. This means any small issues can […]

Are We Entering A New Era Of Self-Driving Cars?

Whilst the main focus of the Queen’s speech was Brexit related, some other items made the cut. One of the most interesting was the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill, which aims to make the UK a leader in both self-driving and electric vehicles. The biggest roadblock for autonomous car was always going to be the […]

What’s Stopping Electric Cars?

The government is aiming for “almost every car and van to be zero-emission by 2050” but with the first mass electric car, the Nissan Leaf, only rolling onto the streets in 2013, will they be able to accomplish their goal without heavy subsidies? There are 36.7 million cars in the UK, however only around 100,000 […]

How To Protect Your Car From The Heat

The hot summer heatwave is coming! Will your car stand up to the heat? Some common car problems caused by the sunny weather include overheating engines, dry rot in the tyres, peeling paint and a fading interior. Luckily, these are all preventable with a little car care. How to stop your engine from overheating A […]

Jaguar Land Rover invests into Brexit Britain

5000 jobs are being created to develop the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) workforce in the UK. This comes on the same day EU negotiation bells are sounded in parliament. Jaguar Land Rover have a long history in Britain, and despite being owned by Indian Tata Steel, the company is still based in Coventry and has […]

How To Cool Your Car Down In Hot Weather

These hot sunny days are great for a quick escape to the beach, but you might find yourself in a spot of bother as your car turned into an oven during the day. By preparing beforehand, you can make sure the car is cool and comfortable when you finally get round to driving. Here are […]

How Do I Know If My Pollen Filter Needs Replacing?

Not feeling the wind through your hair? Hearing an odd whistle from the dash? Or just smell something foul in the air? These are all signs that your pollen filter could be clogged and out of commission. The pollen filter’s main job is to stop the dirty air from entering the cabin. The filter traps […]

How Do Electric Cars Work?

Electric cars are an innovation that have been a long time coming. Almost like magic, some have less than 10 essential moving parts. So what are the basics, electric cars use an electric motor driven by a control unit. Their batteries are filled at charging stations and they produce no tailpipe emissions. Innovations, such as […]

How Do I Know If My Clutch Needs Replacing?

A clutch is a friction disc and it’s one of the most important components of a manual transmission car. It’s responsible for transferring the power from the engine through to the transmission, so it can drive the wheels. Over time, a clutch can wear out and begin to lose performance. When that happens, symptoms such […]

Amazon UK Bumps Heads with Autotrader

According to Bloomberg, Amazon UK will be premiering a large scale test of a car dealership product. Amazon Europe has been tinkering with a small test in Italy last year, when car buyers were able to buy Fiat 500, Panda and 500L models for delivery. The cars are advertised online then dropped off at a […]