The Complete Guide To Tyre Pressures

Why should I check my tyre pressure regularly? Tyre pressure is vital to keeping your car rolling. Deflated tyres don’t grip the road meaning they can handle very badly. This may cause the vehicle to swerve unexpectedly and even cause the tyres to pop. This is incredibly dangerous on a motorway, where the high speeds […]

What Is A Fuel Filter & What Does It Do?

A fuel filter is a usually shaped like a canister that contains many layers of filter for the fuel. They are a lot more important than you think, since the contaminated fuel can cause your engine to fail. Dirt, paint chips, rust, and even fuel contaminants can all cause the fuel to act differently within […]

What Is Engine Coolant?

Coolant is a liquid that lubricates your engine and protects it from corrosion. It is usually mixed 50/50 with water which is a better conductor of heat than coolant. The coolant raises the boiling point of water which allows the cooling system to be more pressurized and work more efficiently. Your engine is really a […]

What Is A Cooling System Thermostat?

A thermostat regulates the amount of coolant flowing through an engine to maintain a certain temperature. The thermostat can usually be found, under the bonnet, between the engine and the radiator. When the car starts to run, the thermostat blocks all coolant, so the engine can quickly get up to an optimum temperature (200℉, 95℃). […]

Could Brexit Make Your Car Repair More Expensive?

UK motorists could see a 10% rise in their annual repair and service bill once the UK leaves the EU single market. The collective car repair bill could rise by more than £2billion due to new tariffs. This according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), which assumes the UK will fall back […]

What Is An Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve?

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system is designed to reduce harmful nitrogen oxides in the emissions. Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) is an irritant that can cause lung damage if people are exposed to it for long periods of time. The EGR valve recycles some of the exhaust gases back into the engine. The gases reduce the […]

The German Car Cartel

German car makers have come under the scrutiny of the European Commission after a tip-off that the auto industry is colluding to fix prices. The companies in question are Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW. They are said to have discussed pricing of components to lower prices of their cars and gain a competitive advantage over other […]

Tips For Long Distance Drives

Summer is here! Bring on the sand, surf, and hours of driving on the motorway. Staying refreshed and sane while you drive is important for your comfort and, more crucially, safety. If you’re driving with kids in the back seat, and need some help keeping them calm then here are some tips and some games […]

The Serious Fraud Office Investigates Europcar for Overpriced Car Repairs

Europcar, a major car rental company, has been accused of overcharging customers for car repairs on their rented vehicles. It has been found that the repair costs are quoted as high as 300% above industry standards. The Trading Standards body and Serious Fraud office have both launched investigations. Routine repairs, such as replacing a tyre, […]

The Big Switch To Electric Cars

Another week, another new piece about electric cars. Business and government are both making a lurch towards emissions free, electric vehicles. There have been increasingly rapid advances in electric technology, with the batteries particularly tumbling in price as they become more sophisticated and in more demand. Here are the latest stories about electric cars: UK […]