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Resident classic car enthusiast and blogger at Clickmechanic.

Top 8 Car Cultures From Around The World

Since the automobile was invented different car cultures have developed across the globe. As in other subcultures, like punk or otaku, there really are no limits as to what can be done other than the ingenuity of those involved. From extreme camber to massive spoilers and cars so riding so low they could pass for […]

Mechanic Of The Month October: Jaz from Stoke-on-Trent

It was a tough call to choose October’s mechanic of the month. The mechanics on the network have been keen to impress with many achieving a full 5 star review score. The mechanic Jaz from Stoke-on-Trent, however, stood out from the crowd with loads of jobs completed despite only joining ClickMechanic in July. Jaz has […]

🍂 5 Checks To Prepare Your Car For Autumn 🍂

Autumn is here. Dark clouds are starting to tumble across the country, and temperatures are slowly decreasing. Now is the time to get your car ready for the adverse weather conditions coming up, and address the car issues that you’ve been putting off. You wouldn’t want to get stranded in the cold! We’ve made a […]

5 Tips For Your Bank Holiday Drive

Going on a long distance car trip this bank holiday weekend? If you do, then now is the time to get prepared. Staying refreshed and planning for adverse weather conditions will be crucial to stay safe on your journey. Here are our best tips to make your car journey a little safer: 1. Take regular […]

5 Checks To Prepare Your Car For Long Distance Drives

Car maintenance can be an incredibly tedious affair. It takes time, costs money, and can generally seem pretty daunting. Just keep in mind, however, that a little bit of maintenance from time to time can help to keep your car running smoothly for longer, saving you money in the long run. If you’re going on […]

Meet The Team: Vinh

Vinh is one of our longest-serving customer experience associates. Responsible for everything from getting bookings booked in, to increasing customer happiness, it is very likely you will have talked to him at some point. As Vinh consistently beats every target we ought to put him in the spotlight. How are you finding your time at […]

July’s Mechanic Of The Month: John

It’s the end of another month, time for us to choose another mechanic of the month. We thought long and hard about who next to treat with one of our popular hampers. This month we’ve made the decision to award our mechanic John from Colchester with this special honour. John has been with us since […]

Changes To Our Servicing And MOT Jobs

Servicing keeps cars running smooth. To ensure we are able to do this to the best possible standard we’ve recently made some changes to our servicing products. We have upgraded our servicing jobs, and have added other options. Major service The major service is the most comprehensive service we are offering. It includes not only […]

What We Did At Mechanex Manchester

We’ve found that trade shows are great way to reach out to mechanics and the industry. It gives us the chance to meet people who we haven’t come across us yet online, and convince us. Mechanex is one of these shows, held a couple of times a year. This time our team headed for Manchester […]

Roger Moore’s Top 5 James Bond Cars

Sir Roger Moore died yesterday at the grand old age of 89. As possibly the most loved and certainly suavest James Bond, Roger Moore brought a twinkle of humour to the role. Arguably, he couldn’t have achieved that without a bunch of terrific gadgets supplied by Q. Not in the least because of the Bond […]