April’s Mechanic Of The Month: Matthew

April's mechanic of the monthIt was another close call this time to choose our mechanic for the month of April. We’ve seen an uplift in professionalism which meant we had a couple of close contenders for the accolade. This time we have chosen Matthew from Llanarth in Wales. Matthew has been running Matts Mobile Mechanics since 2015, joining ClickMechanic shortly after he started his mobile mechanic business. Matt is closing in on 500 completed bookings and has an excellent review score by customers of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Here’s his story.

How are you finding the ClickMechanic experience?

It’s been a pretty good experience, it all makes things a lot easier. The main advantage is that all the admin is done for you. ClickMechanic give the quotes, and I can just get on with my job of fixing cars.

When did you become a mechanic?

I became a mechanic right after leaving school, I took on an apprenticeship at Mitcham Junction. I worked on cars for a couple of years, then switched to motorbikes for about 2 years but have been working on cars ever since. I had my own garage, but switched to being a mobile mechanic in 2015.

You have awesome reviews, is there anything in particular you do to accommodate customers?

What you got to do is put yourself in the customer’s shoes. It’s the little stuff, like sending a customer a text when you’re on your way to a job, to give an ETA.

Also, even if you got problems fixing a car, just be completely honest. The problem with many mechanics I’ve found is that they are scared to say “I don’t know”. No one knows everything, so even if you’re not you’re not sure just be upfront and honest with people about it. It’s really about pre-empting problems, and putting yourself in the customer’s shoes.

Remember, the perception of the motor trade is that it’s not honest, but that’s where you can make a difference by just being honest and staying professional. By blagging you’re only make things more difficult for yourself.

What made you join Clickmechanic?

I had been running the mobile mechanic business for around half a year when I started to look for an extra source of work. I was just looking online and came across it and gave ClickMechanic a call, and it went from there really.

What do you like most about your job?

What I love about being a mobile mechanic is being at a different place everyday, meeting different people. I’m quite restless, and staying in the same place all the time is not really what I like, so being a mobile mechanic really suits me. Other than that, I really like taking on jobs that I haven’t done before, as I forces me to learn new things.

Of the cars you have owned, do you have a favourite one?

Without a doubt the second car I ever owned, which was a Ford Anglia. It was a hot rod Anglia with a V8 engine that I built myself when I was young.

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