5 Things To Do When Driving Into The Countryside This Bank Holiday Monday

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Whilst we recognise many of you will have planned what to do on Bank Holiday Monday long ago, we thought we’d write up a quick few things to do for those that haven’t. We chose some countryside activities, to enable you to enjoy the last bits of summer in full!


1. Picnic

Whilst the best bits of summer have already gone, remember that the weather will still be good in most parts of the country. It means there shouldn’t be anything to hold you back to pop out your oversized blanket and picnic basket. And, even if the weather isn’t really working with you, surely you can just bring a scarf and a poncho? Remember to bring some food, some drink and a driver who doesn’t drink to get you home safely, of course.

2. Biking

As most of us at ClickMechanic will testify, driving a car over a winding country road can be one of the most enjoyable things to do on a summer’s day. For an extra dimension to the countryside experience consider taking your bike with you, and preferably a mountainbike. Just remember that it will enable you to go places where your car could not possibly go. That, and you will be saving the environment of course!

3. Fishing

We understand sitting at your local canal and waiting for a gudgeon to bite can be a calming experience. But why not consider hopping in your car and driving off to a place where you can catch some more exciting fish like rainbow trout or salmon? There are plenty of places around the country which will offer fly fishing experiences, from Dorset to the Scottish Borders.

4. Beach

Whilst you could jump in your car and head to Brighton or Scarborough for a stroll on the beach, remember that Great Britain’s coastline spans 11,073 miles. There’s plenty of remote spots to discover by car, with activities to match.

Try your hand at some surfing, for example. Britain may not be known as surf-central, but there are a couple of places along the coastline that will enable you to indulge at least some of your surfing dreams. Try, for example, Freshwater West beach in Pembrokeshire.

5. Country house

Maybe not a thing everyone equally enjoys, but if you appreciate architecture and gardening then consider pointing your car into the direction of one of Britain’s many country houses. Try Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, birthplace of Winston Churchill for a slice of history.

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