5 Famous Classic Cars – 5 Famous Owners

The car’s the star, they say sometimes. Some cars though, despite having star qualities, are dwarfed by their owners. Some owners ooze so much charisma it’s hard not to see their cars as mere accessories. It is cars and stars in that instance, let’s look through some of the more appealing pairings of the last couple of decades.

1. James Dean + Porsche 550 Spyder


James Dean’s passion for cars and speed is well commented upon, his relation to the Porsche 550 Spyder has turned both into poster icons; the sleek looks of the Porsche and the suave exterior of Dean are a perfect addition to one another.

2. Steve McQueen + Ferrari 250 GT Lusso


Remember the Steve McQueen? That other American film star and motorsport fanatic who died far too young, he happened to have quite good taste in terms of cars (and ladies too). Was prone to order bespoke Ferraris, bless the man.

3. Nick Mason + Ferrari 250 GTO


Yeah, indeed, it’s that rock star / Pink Floyd drummer with huge car collection. His best piece is undoubtedly his Ferrari 250 GTO. Value? Just call one, there’s bound to be someone to pay over £30m for it. Probably the only car in this list which manages to dwarf the presence of its owner, just by sheer charisma, not size.

4. Sean Connery + Aston Martin DB5


Connery’s not strictly an owner of this DB5, rather it should be said he has taken ownership over the image of the DB5, the car has become synonymous with Connery in his role as James Bond, and vice versa.

5. Kate Moss + Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II


Perhaps the most unlikely of pairings in this list. The old, stately, Rolls Royce and young, colourful, Kate. It’s a cool contrast, it works. Moss had several Royces.

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