5 Car-related Christmas Presents

Desperate for Christmas presents? Not sure what to give to someone who takes an interest in cars? If so, then let us guide you through some rather smashing car-related Christmas presents.



Yes, it’s the mechanic’s toolbox, that staple of presents which never appears to go out of fashion. Things need mending of course, all the time. So, a pretty useful present too. This aluminium toolbox with a massive 251 tools offered on Ebay features a handy handle and wheels. Perfect for taking your tools with you on your travels. Also useful should your marriage breaks down, picking up your tools and leaving has never been this easy. Price: £109.90.



What about an original motorsport poster? Yes, they might be pricey, but just imagine what it could add to your friends house. Add a bit of colour. A bit of sprezz. See this awesome original poster from 1982, advertising the GP of Monaco. Cool graphics, cool colours. If you must, give it to yourself as a present. Price: £55.99.

Wheel nut clock


The F1 enthusiast will certainly appreciate this; an original wheel nut used on the 2012 Mercedes GP Formula 1 cars, turned into clock. Perfect, memorabilia that actually has practical use. And, in fact, it is also a clock with some aesthetic appeal. Come on, you know you want to. Price: £52.49.

Seventh gear paperweight


From the same seller we have this paperweight, or rather the seventh gear out of the gearbox of a Honda F1 car from 2006 . Will be shipped in black gift box. Price: £29.95.

Goldpfeil Caracciola bag


Admittedly this gift is not directly car-related, but useful if you like to travel light. It’s a bag which happens to carry the name ‘Caracciola’, a name which comes from pre-war Grand Prix racer and all-round motorsport hero Rudolf Caracciola. Made by exclusive leather goods manufacturer Goldpfeil in the 1970s you ought to be in a particularly generous Christmas mood. Price: £329.79.

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