5 Car Hacks To Keep You Cool During A Summer Car Holiday

5 holiday car hacksWith thousands of Brits heading for the continent to enjoy the sun, we thought it might be the right moment to look at a couple of ways to keep yourself cool in your car in this summer. With temperatures close to 40°C recorded in some of Europe’s tropical destinations, our 5 easy hacks to beat the heat in your car are well worth keeping in mind.

1. Park you car in the shade to keep it cool

First and foremost keep your car in the shade whenever possible, it will ensure the car stays cool and you wont end up travelling in a sauna on wheels. Seek out a spot under some big trees, or park in a covered car park.

2. Use sun shades to fend off the heat

Sometimes it may not be possible to find a place in the shade for your car, this will make it more difficult to keep your car’s interior cool but not impossible. When parked, try as a minimum to cover the windscreen, and if possible the windows, with sun shades. The sun shade’s reflective layer will act as a barrier, deflecting any sun rays looking to crank up the temperature in you car’s cabin

3. Air conditioning?

If your car has air conditioning and you have it switched on, keep your windows closed to ensure that all that lovely cool air stays in, and the heat stays out. Added bonus: keeping your windows open reduces the drag on your car, and saves money on fuel!

4. No air conditioning?

For those who did not feel it was necessary to tick the aircon box when ordering the car, make sure to open both the front and the rear windows to create a breeze. For added effect perhaps turn on your (blower) fan, to direct some more cool air towards yourself (and if you’re feeling generous – your fellow passengers).

5. Get a dashboard fan

If your car’s interior fan fails to deliver cool air in sufficient quantities, consider getting a little dashboard fan to plug into your cigarette lighter socket.

These car hacks will not only help to keep yourself cool, but can also help to avoid car trouble when it has to take on the summer heat. If you keep your car cool by parking it in the shade, this will put less strain on your car by using your aircon and fan less, and could even lead to your car consuming less fuel. Moreover, making sure your car stays cool when parked will also lead to less consumption of fluids in general; like coolant, brake fluid and oil. Just remember, heat can have an adverse effect on all.

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