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March’s Mechanic Of The Month – Hassan From Birmingham

After much deliberation, we decided to choose our mechanic Hassan from Birmingham as the Mechanic of the Month for March. Hassan, who runs 786 Motors, has been doing a stellar job since the middle of last year. Over a short space of time he’s managed to amass over 400 completed bookings, and managed to achieve […]

5 Signs Your Car Battery Needs Replacing

Finding out when your car battery needs replacing can be tricky. Over time the battery in your car will inevitably deteriorate. Especially winter can put increased strain on your battery as it has to work much harder. Come spring you may find that your battery’s condition has become so bad that it can’t keep the […]

When Should A Lambda Sensor Be Replaced?

The lambda sensor, or oxygen sensor, is a component that measures the oxygen level in the exhaust gases coming out of the car’s engine. It helps the engine to fine-tune the air and fuel mix going into the engine, ensuring the engine can run smoothly. It also helps to keep fuel consumption down. The part […]

How To Get 5 Star Reviews

Great customer service is something that starts before you even accept a job as mechanic. It is a certain mindset, one of going into a job and not only do the best possible job, but also to leave a lasting impression. That means it’s not just about your mechanical skills, which are undoubtedly top-notch, but […]

5 Spring Maintenance Checks For Your Car

In the winter months cars are subjected to harsh weather conditions. Frosty weather, storms and rain can all have an adverse effect on components of the car. Visually your car may only look a bit dirtier than usual and you may find an extra scratch. Underneath the exterior, though, your car may have been affected […]

Changes to Diagnostic inspections

We’re constantly looking to improve the ClickMechanic system – to give our customers a better service and make it easier for you to supply customers with the information they need. To help with that we’ve made a small change to Diagnostic inspections – so here’s the details: You must add at least 1 “Fault identified” […]