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5 Ways To Stop Your Doors From Freezing Shut

Frosty weather conditions can play havoc with your car. Your car may struggle to start, and you may find that you can’t even get into your car. Water can freeze up around the door or locks, mean that you won’t be able to open the door. This can be a real hassle, and you will […]

Buying A Used Car: When To Buy?

If you have decided on the used car you want to buy, it’s time to take it one step further and negotiate with the seller. This is the moment to check if there are any deals available. Make sure to use any problems found on the car during your test drive to your advantage to […]

Buying a Used Car: The Pre-Purchase Check

After you have decided on which type of used car you want to buy, it’s important to check the car thoroughly. Best practice is to find a couple of cars of the same model for sale and arrange to view all of them. That way you can compare the condition of each of the cars […]

Frozen Car Window? How To Fix It

In frosty weather it can happen that you will end up with a frozen car window. Any ice that has formed around the window rubbers of one of the windows on the side can freeze it shut. Usually you won’t even notice the issue as it’s unlikely you will open the window in freezing temperatures. […]

What Does A Car Radiator Do?

The radiator on your car ensures that the engine in your car stays cool. The radiator does this by way of cooling the coolant coming from the engine. The coolant is cooled down by the air from outside which the radiator fan pushes through the radiator. That way the radiator is able to dissipate the […]