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What is The Difference Between Winter Tyres And Summer Tyres?

Winter tyres can seem like a bit of a mystery. Often it’s unclear what they actually do and if they are any different from summer tyres. Tyres are tyres, right? Truth is that winter tyres are a highly specialised piece of kit. They will help keep your car stable in winter weather. They are, in […]

When Should I Replace My Timing Chain?

Timing chains may sometimes need replacing, just like timing belts. Unlike timing belts they usually will only need replacing if there is a problem. Normally the timing chain will be designed to last a car’s lifetime, and will not need to be replaced at a recommended service interval. In some cases, despite not needing regular […]

5 Ways To Help Your Car Battery Survive Winter

Battery problems are one of the most common car issues in winter. Often this can lead to starting problems as well. Remember, the battery in your car powers the starting system. So if there’s no power your car will not start. That’s why it’s important to sort battery problems quickly. The cold unfortunately can have […]

Are Winter Tyres Worth It?

Deciding whether winter tyres are worth it is a much debated topic. Many say it’s a waste of money having them in the UK as it’s never cold enough for them to have any effect. Others find that they are worth it and say that they feel safer driving with winter tyres in winter. One […]

Winter Driving – How To Stay Safe

Make no mistake, winter driving is a skill. Wet weather, snow or ice can make your car feel unstable. You may find it tricky to keep your car under control. But fortunately winter driving is a skill that can be easily learned. What it’s all about is car control and a smooth driving style. That […]

How To Prepare Your Car For Winter Weather

Preparing your car for winter will help make sure it takes you safely through the winter months. It’s important to get things sorted before the first freeze kicks in. If we look at our own data, it’s clear that in winter we get lots more requests for typical winter problems. Heater blower motor replacements and […]

Why Is My Car Heater Not Working?

The heater system is very important to stay on top of to keep yourself and your car warm. Especially during the winter months the heater in your car is vital to stay warm as well as safe. After all, the heater also helps demist and defrost your windows. Getting heater problems sorted before it gets […]

When should I replace my antifreeze?

When to replace your antifreeze is one of those super important car things to get right. After all, antifreeze helps to keep your car running smoothly. Golden rule is to check the antifreeze level in preparation of the winter months. If there’s not enough antifreeze in the coolant mixture (but mainly water) then there is […]

Track Rod Ends – When Do They Need Replacing?

Over time the track rod ends can wear out due to the all movement and road debris they have to cope with. It’s the ball joint that is particularly prone to wear. It can wear down if it is not properly maintained, many ball joints need regular greasing. Manufacturers will advice in the service guide […]

What Is A Cat C Car Insurance Write-Off?

A Cat C car is a car that has been written off due to accident damage or flooding and fire damage. Insurance companies classify a car as such if it is still repairable. But only when the cost of the repairs is more than the car is actually worth. For insurers it then makes more […]