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How To Get A Central Locking Problem Fixed

Sometimes you may be faced with a central locking problem on your car.  Finding out what the problem is can be very difficult. Door lock issues on its own can be complicated, but having central locking can make diagnosing any problems even more difficult. Remember, having central locking will mean there are even more parts […]

5 Hacks To Fix A Sagging Headliner Quickly

A sagging headliner can be a nightmare, and expensive to repair. We’ve put together a top 5 of hacks that can help to fix your sagging headliner quickly and cheaply. The headliner, or headlining, is the fabric part attached to the roof of your car. It gives the roof a nice finish, dampens noise and […]

What Does A Window Regulator Do?

The window regulator, or window mechanism, assists in opening and closing the side windows on the car. Most cars nowadays are fitted with an electric regulator, which is controlled by a window switch on your door or dashboard. Cars with basic trim levels and older cars are usually operated by a manual mechanism. In that […]

How To Tell If You Have A Seized Brake Caliper

Brake calipers are a vital part of your car’s braking system, unfortunately a seized brake caliper is a common fault. The pistons inside the brake caliper can seize and reduce the car’s braking power over time, if the brake calipers are not maintained properly. It’s important that the calipers are kept in good shape. The […]

When Do I Need A Coolant Change?

Engine coolant is one of the most important fluids in your car, it keeps your engine cool. It can be tricky to find out when you need a coolant change. It’s important therefore to check the level regularly and top it up if needed. Usually your car’s manufacturer will say when a change is due. […]

How Do I Know If A Suspension Bush Is Worn?

Suspension bushes are important parts of the suspension. It’s often hard to find out if you need a suspension bush replacement. Wear to the bushes usually takes place slowly, often you only find out that you have worn bushes after an MOT test. Deteriorated bushes are in fact one of the most frequent MOT advisories. […]

How Often Should I Replace My Air Filter?

The air filter in your car is a crucial component in keeping the air that enters your car clean. Car manufacturers will give advice on how often to replace the air filter in your service book. Sometimes the recommended interval can be as low as 20,000 miles. Sometimes the interval can be as much as […]

Why Can’t I Open My Car Door?

A car door that doesn’t open is a nightmare scenario for every motorists. If it happens it’s extremely annoying and stressful, as you can’t get in or out the car. Problems with doors not opening are usually down to lock problems. They can be the cause of mechanical or electrical faults. Sometimes it can be […]

What Used Car Should You Buy If You Love Camping?

Summertime is here (sort of), it’s time to finally sort out that summer holiday you’ve been putting off. Let’s face it, it may be a bit last minute now to book that summer holiday on the other side of the globe. You will need to stay a bit closer to home, why not take a […]