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CO2 Emissions On New Audi A1 Base Models Reduced To Under 100gm/km

The Audi A1 has been available as the economy car in the Audi range since 2010 fitted with a range of fuel efficient and low emission engines. Now, though, with the introduction of an updated A1 the car will receive, for the first time in an Audi, a three cylinder engine which signals a further […]

Charging The Future – Turbochargers Are Boosting Engine Efficiency

In the quest for more power and lower exhaust emissions from smaller engines manufacturers are turning to novel forms of turbocharging and air supply. Whilst earlier applications of turbocharging were geared to attaining more power, it’s all about outright efficiency now. Though, the essential function of turbochargers hasn’t changed, as displayed by the following, very […]