Archives for August 2014

Man Throws Apple At Lamborghini Aventador in Knightsbridge

A video emerged on Shmee150’s popular Youtube channel a couple of days ago showing a chap on the top floor throwing what seems to be an Apple at a Lamborghini Aventador parked just across the road. You would have to ask why this man decided it appropriate to attack the Italian supercar with a piece […]

The Ridiculous Youabian Puma Now Has A Promotional Video

First making an appearance during the 2013 LA Auto Show the Youabian Puma impressed many. But not for the right reasons, moreover, it has puzzled people ever since. Jalopnik introduced it with a big ‘WTF?’ slapped on top of its photo, others ridiculed it similarly. Indeed, it is still hard to see it in any […]

This Is Possibly The World’s Most Extreme Campervan

Remember those wet and miserable holidays in your parents’ campervan? Well, the 4-year old daughter of the builder of this craft certainly won’t have endure any of that as she travels around the world with her dad. The KiraVan, named after daughter Kira, is possibly the most extreme camper.. err.. expedition vehicle on this planet […]