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Kurt’s Classics: 1986 Bentley Turbo R

Luxobarge is the main buzzword for this article, read on and you’ll quickly understand why. Up for grabs on ebay was a 1986 Bentley Turbo R, the top of the range Bentley from the 1980s, the model that turned the usually stately Bentley saloon into an absolute stormer. Or as Bentley would have put it […]

The Mechanic Guide: Getting Customers

Once you’re all set up and have established yourself as a mechanic it’s time to start worrying about, or rather take an interest in acquiring customers. Customers won’t come out of nowhere to your business, of course. You will need to do some serious work to attract them.  You can rely on word of mouth, […]

The Mechanic Guide: Equipment and Practicalities

As we’ve seen in the previous blog post of our mechanic guide there is a host of things you need to consider when starting up as a mechanic; qualifications, permits, insurance and the list goes on. But it doesn’t end there, of course, to be able to carry out repairs on a car you need […]

Wheels Of The Week: 1986 Lotus Excel

This time a car from Norfolk, a rather glamorous car to be precise. Now hold on, of course you might not relate Norfolk with the construction of high-end glamorous cars, but remember there’s is a small car manufacturer in headquartered in Hethel; Lotus. It’s a different kind of glamorous of course, not Bentley glamorous, not […]

See Some Chaps Change A Land Rover Discovery Chassis in 4 Minutes

Well, we say 4 minutes, but in reality it obviously took some more time, in fact the whole procedure took a whole weekend and was sped up for the purposes of the video underneath. We see the mechanics working methodically to separate the chassis from the body, then separating the engine, gearbox and suspension from […]

Transparent Bonnet Helps Land Rover To Navigate Rough Terrain Like No Other Car Ever

At the New York Auto Show next week Land Rover will debut its Vision Concept car which will not only show the design direction for future models but will, equally, feature a transparent bonnet. Transparent bonnet, you say? Have we finally entered the era where science-fiction transcends fiction and touches down into reality? Well not […]

Some Practical Men Show How To Change The Wheels On A Car Whilst Driving

In the depths of Youtube we found a video illustrating a fairly novel way of how to change the wheels on a car. There’s the good old way of stopping the car, jacking the car and then carefully changing the wheels. The guys in the video underneath on the other hand opted for a rather […]

Wheels Of The Week: A Massively Rusty But Rather Tiny Honda S800 Coupe

We’re not sure if we could even call the car we are featuring this week a car, yes it has wheels, but other than that there is very little car left. It’s this Honda S800, seemingly left outside or in a damp shed for most of its life most of what was the car has […]

How To Use A Clutch To Prolong Clutch Lifespan

If your car has a manual gearbox, your car will have a clutch. As you might have experienced in the past, a clutch is particularly susceptible to wear. Especially if it is not used properly. If you remember clutches cost usually cost upward of 200 pounds, excluding labour it’s clear it makes sense to reconsider […]