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Wheels Of The Week: 1972 Morris Marina 1.8 TC

Time to go back into time a bit, to the 1970s. Yes we all know it, that decade of great music and even greater trousers. Let’s stop for a moment in 1972, the year in which this week’s wheels of the week was built. In the year that Roxy Music revolutionised pop with ‘Virginia Plain’, […]

Meet The Mechanic: Brian From Slough

Over the last few weeks we have run a series of short interviews¬† called ‘Meet The Mechanic’ featuring a number of our mechanics. Simply because we are super proud of our mobile mechanics and like to put them in the spotlight. We had some great stories from guys passionate about their jobs, many of whom […]

How to clean a car’s windscreen scuttle water drains?

As you drive the car, the car collects dirt and debris in all kinds of nooks and crannies. Usually a bit of dirt won’t affect the car’s functionality, it only ruins the looks of your car. In some cases though it can be that dirt prevents parts of the car working properly. Take, for example, […]

Wheels Of The Week: 1991 Lancia Delta Integrale 16v

After having featured a host of German cars in the last few weeks, let’s turn our attention to something rather more soulful. With other words let’s turn to something Italian. This week let’s have a look at this Lancia Delta Integrale 16v up for auction on Ebay. For a rather enormous starting price of ¬£3750 […]

The 2014 Geneva Motor Show – The Smartcar Is Here To Stay

One of the major issues in car manufacturing over the last few years has been how the car can enter the digital age. Not so much in terms of the underlying technology, after all, cars have largely adopted digital systems to make cars more efficient and effective. Rather, the digital software interfaces of cars have, […]