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Wheels Of The Week: 1981 Ford Fiesta Bravo Mk1

Remember the 1970s?  Then chances are you might remember Ford’s first Fiesta, introduced in 1976. Moreover, chances are your parents drove one or one of your neighbours or workmates. Perhaps you even drove one yourself. Ford’s successful supermini hatchback survives to this day, having gone through several incarnations in its 38 year lifespan. Whilst the […]

Kurt’s Classics: 1978 BMW 635 CSi

A proper seventies hunk of metal from Germany, with some distinct 1970s colours too. Behold this ‘gold’ 1978 BMW 635 CSi with brown upholstery and an odd brown-creme dashboard. Now, we don’t actually have anything against brown at all, we think it looks rather delicious actually, like a good Caffè Mocha. Moreover, this Mocaccino has […]

Tracked. Chevrolet Corvette Vs Porsche 911.

With the new Chevrolet Corvette C7 having gone into production in 2013 and the new generation Porsche 911 in 2012 a decent comparison exploring the differences between the two rivals is long overdue. Using the term ‘rivals’ with these two cars is, admittedly, problematic. First and foremost because the two cars were created according to […]

Meet The Mechanic: Martin from Manchester

Over the next few weeks we’ll run a series of short interviews featuring several of our mobile mechanics. Simply because we are super proud of our Clickmechanics and like to put them in the spotlight. Expect great stories from guys passionate about their jobs, many of whom have been in the trade for lots of […]

Wheels Of The Week: Fire Up The Quattro!

This week we feature a really rather special Audi Quattro; the Quattro used in the hugely popular BBC series ‘Ashes to Ashes’. Now, of course, it is not uncommon for people to advertise replicas or look-a-like cars of the real deal on Ebay but the elaborate description the Ebay seller provides leaves little room for […]

New Citroën C4 Cactus – Add Some Air To Your Life

Now for some news from France that is to be celebrated; it’s the introduction of the new Citroën C4 Cactus. Yes, it might look like another one of those fashionable and pointless mini-SUVs (or crossovers), but this one appears to be a bit special. First and foremost it’s light, very light for a car from […]

Upgrading a Mazda MX-5, Drastically

  Remember the article we ran a couple of days ago suggesting some of the upgrades you do on your car? Those were only modest suggestions for upgrade if we consider the following video. Seeing the Mazda MX-5s in the video, it is clear you can stretch the definition rather much. Forget about the modest […]

Wheels Of The Week: 1974 Saab 95

This week something Scandinavian for our wheels of the week. That can only really mean either featuring a Saab or a Volvo. This time the decision has been made to go for a Saab, a Saab 95 to be precise. The 95 was introduced in 1959 as a station wagon alternative to the 96 hatch-back […]

Top 5 Upgrades For Your Car

As you might have experienced at some point; it is not uncommon for misfortune to lead to greater fortune. This can be so true in relation to cars. Sometimes you end up buying a total shed of car leading, eventually, to selling it and moving onto something more impressive. Same goes for technical catastrophes, imagine […]