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Magnus Walker Porsche Collection – Video

Magnus who? Well, we’re not exactly sure what Magnus Walker does either. Something with automotive inspired fashion/apparel and restoring cars. What we do know is that he probably has California’s most impressive beard and he most certainly has an awesome car collection. Walker is a long-time collector of classic Porsches, collecting 911 models from the […]

5 Famous Classic Cars – 5 Famous Owners

The car’s the star, they say sometimes. Some cars though, despite having star qualities, are dwarfed by their owners. Some owners ooze so much charisma it’s hard not to see their cars as mere accessories. It is cars and stars in that instance, let’s look through some of the more appealing pairings of the last […]

Third of Motorists Don’t Enjoy Driving Anymore

More than a third of motorists don’t enjoy driving Britain’s roads anymore. This was the conclusion of a survey held by the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Half of the respondents noted that they didn’t enjoy driving anymore due to increasing petrol prices while 28% said that they just didn’t enjoy the experience of driving anymore. […]

New Mini + New(ish) Bulldog

For their latest advertising campaign Mini has taken the animal route to advertise their car. Because an animal always works doesn’t it? Interestingly they have not opted for the ever-popular cat, instead the chose something more in line with British culture; a bulldog and a very small one at that. They opted for a cute […]

5 Car-related Christmas Presents

Desperate for Christmas presents? Not sure what to give to someone who takes an interest in cars? If so, then let us guide you through some rather smashing car-related Christmas presents. Toolbox Yes, it’s the mechanic’s toolbox, that staple of presents which never appears to go out of fashion. Things need mending of course, all […]

Unfortunate Cars: Tata Loadbeta

Browsing through our extensive database of cars going back many years we sometimes bump into cars that make us wonder; why was this car built? Where there actually any people who went out and buy that car? There have been some woefully designed cars over the years, which mostly also have a woeful name. The […]

Saying Goodbye to Your Car – Reloaded

Sometimes it’s beyond economic reason to repair a car, high repair bills for a cheap workhorse just don’t make sense of course. Sometimes, then, it’s time to let go. Saying goodbye to your car is especially difficult if no-one wants to take it off you. It’s that sad moment of sending your lump of favourite […]

Ferrari 458 driver egged in Knightbridge

Getting egged, it happens to the best of us. Once the privilege of politicians and other unpopular decision-makers, Londoners have yet again found a new target, apparently; supercar owners.  If Channel 4’s recent documentary ‘milionaire boy racers‘ is anything to go by it turns out some West Londoners are not very fond of supercars. Chiefly […]

How Not to Treat Your Car: Blowing Up the Clutch

To start of, this is not a weekly advice column, dear blog reader. We see #HowNotToTreatYourCar as a place to make some precautionary comments and display a selection of  ‘cars gone wrong’ videos from the web. Take note though, who knows, you might learn something (if you don’t like huge repair bills that is). Have […]

Supercar Inferno – Malaysian Lamborghinis Destroyed

Remember that post about car fires we did last week? Forget about it, what happened in Malaysia last week was a rather more unfortunate supercar inferno. On the way from Singapore to Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur no less than three Lamborghini collided and caught fire. Thankfully no-one was harmed or injured. The Aventador and two […]