1/3 of UK Drivers Are Putting Their Lives at Risk by Not Getting Their Eyesight Tested Regularly

Our latest research has found that a third of all UK drivers do not have their eyesight tested regularly.

The NHS recommends that eyesight should be tested at least once every two years as a minimum. Whilst 69% of drivers follow this advice, our data reveals that 31% of motorists have their eyesight tested less often than this, with a worrying 6% of those admitting to never having it tested! As such, a potential third of all drivers have imperfect vision on the road and consequently could be a hazard to both themselves and surrounding motorists. Even if the vision of a driver is only slightly impaired, the inability to read road signs or recognise cyclists or pedestrians from a distance can cause dangerous driving. In addition, imperfect vision can also invalidate car insurance, making any accidents a costly affair.

Looking at the difference between genders, male drivers are more than twice as likely to completely avoid the opticians when compared to women. Indeed, looking at those below the minimum recommendation, 28% of female motorists have their sight tested less often than they should, including 4% who have never had it checked. In comparison, a larger 35% of male drivers visit an optician less than once every two years, including 9% of which have never done so.

In terms of age, the UK’s younger drivers are far more likely to delay on having their eyesight checked when compared to their elders. A total of 44% of motorists aged between 18-34 get their sight tested less than once every two years, whereas 37% of those aged 35-54 and only 16% of those aged over 55 do the same. The difference is also apparent in those which have never attended the opticians; a larger 12% of those aged 18-34 do so, compared to 7% of drivers aged 35-54 and only 1% of those over 55. The growing deficiency of sight with age will be a significant contributory factor to these statistics, however, regardless of age, a driver’s eyesight should still be tested regularly to ensure any vision impairments are corrected.

Motorists in Newcastle have the worst habit in terms of visiting the opticians, as a total of 42% do so less often than recommended with a concerning 17% admitting to never testing their vision. In contrast, Cardiff drivers are the safest as only 16% are below the minimum, including 1% which have never checked their sight. Looking at the capital, 30% of motorists have their sight checked less often than they should, with 4% never doing so.

Andrew Jervis, Co-Founder of ClickMechanic, said: “Regardless of whether your vision appears perfect, all drivers should have their eyesight tested regularly. Being inevitable for most, a gradual change in sight can be difficult to spot at first and can cause dangerous driving on the road. Particularly with the winter weather coming up, motorists should take extra precautions and ensure that their sight is not impaired.”